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Collision Repairs Done Right in Belleville

At Don Hackett's Collision our technicians employ industry best practices to provide you with the best in collision repair. Choose us to get your repairs done right the first time. The process works as follows:

1. Free Estimate

Our technicians inspect your vehicle to determine the amount of structural, body, mechanical and interior damage. We'll calculate the cost of labour and parts to fix or replace each affected item.

2. Submit Claim

Once the work order has been finalized by our foreman we'll submit it directly to your insurance company for authorization. Upon approval, we'll get in touch with you to go over the final appraisal of your vehicle.

3. Plan Repairs

The repair process begins by dismantling your vehicle, documenting the damaged parts and planning the repairs.

4. Acquire Parts

With an action plan laid out, we will then order your parts. All parts are mirror matched for accuracy. Everything we put into your vehicle is equal to or better than the OEM part.

5. Structural Repairs

When required, structural damage is repaired using state-of-the-art technology, returning your vehicle to manufacturer specifications.

6. Auto Body Repair

The most important step in the process—parts are installed and the vehicle goes through 2 rounds of meticulous inspection before reaching the paint stage.

7. Paint

Don Hackett's Collision Service uses a superior painting process to colour match your vehicle perfectly. Before your car is ready for reassembly the finish is checked and rechecked for imperfections.

8. Reassembly

Reassembly involves resetting electrical systems and diagnostics and installing the trim and badges. Another quality inspection is completed at this stage and then it's off to be detailed.

9. Detailing

Finally, your car is beginning to look like its old self again. Once repairs are completed a final inspection is performed before delivery.

10. Delivery

Once you put the final stamp of approval on the repairs, it's time to get behind the wheel again!

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